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Uncovering the Truth about Dark Circles

Uncovering the Truth about Dark Circles

Ever woken up with panda eyes after a night’s sleep? Yup, we’ve all been there. Dark circles can be such a pain! Read on to find out why they appear and ways to calm them down. 

What causes dark circles?

Environmental factors - surprisingly, the most common culprit! Air pollution, sun exposure and smoking can contribute to hyperpigmentation under the eyes, making the area under your eyes appear darker and more pronounced.

Lack of sleep - of course, fatigue does sometimes come into play. Whether you didn’t get a good 7-9 hours last night or just haven’t had enough rest lately, when you’re tired your blood vessels become bigger, darkening the undereye area. 

Ageing - with ageing, skin tends to become thinner and loses collagen. Because of this, the veins under this area become more visible, hence creating the appearance of dark circles. 

Genetics - sometimes, you get them from your mama (or papa!). This darker pigmentation under your eyes may simply be due to your genes.

Tips to reduce the appearance of dark circles!

Wear sunscreen - applying an SPF will block any sunrays that aggravate your skin and cause hyperpigmentation. Read here about what you should know about sunscreen and here to find out how to choose one that’s right for you. 

Catch some zzz’s - being tired doesn’t cause dark circles, but rather emphasises them. Get enough good quality sleep to make sure your body has time to rest and repair itself. This means no screens before bed (the blue light can disrupt your sleep cycle!), approximately 7-9 hours of sleep!

Roll, roll, roll ‘em away - with dark circles, there tends to be the associated puffiness. Using a roller facial tool - like our GLOWQUARTZ - to massage the under-eye area can de-puff and shrink enlarged blood vessels. Cooling the tool before use can also amplify those de-puffing effects. 

Retinol eye creams & eye patches - similarly, eye patches work to soothe and cool the under-eyes to dilate blood vessels. Some even have ingredients containing antioxidants to protect against environmental stressors. If your dark circles are caused by pigmentation, then using a retinol eye cream at night is a great idea! Just remember to wash it off in the AM & use SPF around the eye-area.

Hydrate - make sure you’re drinking enough water to flush out the toxins in your skin. This doesn’t target your dark circles directly, but healthier skin reduces the appearance of them.

- Written by Hazel Leung for GLOWGEAR. Edited by Mia Samtani.

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